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Shamanic Practice & Healing Services 

 with Madeleine Blanchard


Help is Available 

Shamanic practices are designed to access help, healing and power from spirits. Individuals work with a shamanic practitioner to get support, physical and emotional healing, guidance and power. A Shamanic practitioner can help with issues ranging from assistance with traumatic experiences to guidance through the transitional stages of life. 

If you've found yourself here, there's no doubt you have questions. It's my mission to make the Shamanic world approachable and comfortable. Shamanism teaches us to live in harmony with everything and approach life from a state of curiosity and gratitude. No matter what your current spiritual philosophy or practice, you can ask your compassionate helping spirit for guidance, teachings, power and healing.

The curious and open minded are encouraged to ask questions and learn more.

What is


Shamanism is an ancient world view and methodology that has survived among indigenous peoples in cultures found around the world. Shamanic healing comprises a range of beliefs and practices concerned with communicating with the spirit world. It is not a religion but an ancient method of spiritual healing that addresses the spiritual aspect of illness. Shamanic services work beautifully as an addition to other healing modalities including western and eastern medicine. 

Healing is a partnership between the spirits and the individual. A Shaman facilitates the connection. Shamans work with the spirit world to access power, healing, and guidance on your behalf.

The Shamanic worldview wholeheartedly welcomes all ways human beings connect with spirit or the divine. It is inclusive of all religious beliefs and does not require the beneficiaries of Shamanic services to understand how it works; one simply must be open to the experience. 

Get Power and Protection

Power animals are compassionate helping spirits who are willing to devote themselves to the betterment of our lives by acting as our spiritual allies and offering us their power and wisdom. 

Get Answers and Guidance

Divination is a way that the Shamanic practitioner can work with your compassionate helping spirits to get answers to your questions and guidance on your decisions.




Get Healing

The process of Soul Retrieval restores the parts of our souls that have fled and hidden as a result of traumatic experience. When parts of your soul are restored to you, you will feel more whole. Regaining use and ownership of that part of ourselves that has separated from us due to a perceived traumatic experience.


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