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Coleoptera Shamanic  Services

People decide to work with a Shaman because they have a sense there is something more they can do to feel clearer, healthier, or emotionally whole. Many folks feel they have exhausted the alternatives offered by western medicine and want to explore what other kinds of help might be available. Though you may not know exactly what you want or need, I can help to determine that.  All practices begin with a free consultation to explore your concerns and provide answers to any questions you may have regarding Shamanism. All services (except for conducting rituals and ceremonies) can be performed over the phone, although I am happy to do work with you in person at my retreat in Poway, CA. The process is different for every individual. We will work together to determine the best method and practices for your healing journey.

-3 Steps-
  1. Discovery phone call
  2. In person or video meeting
  3. Begin Shamanic practices


In my Shamanic practice and rituals I work only with compassionate, helping spirits and have a deep commitment to do no harm. I do not work on anyone’s behalf without express permission and request. All Shamanic services and rituals are grounded in compassion and are absolutely safe. 


It is the Shamanic belief everything is sentient and it is imbued with power and wisdom. When we are faced with what feels like a difficult or dangerous time in our life, a power animal retrieval can restore wellbeing by accessing that spirit's particular strengths, wisdom, knowledge, and talents. Power animals are spirits who are willing to devote themselves to the betterment of our lives and are our spiritual allies. They offer us their power and wisdom, healing abilities and support.


You may want greater clarity around a vexing concern. Possibly you're not sure of your next steps for greater fulfillment in your work or you're in a place of transition that's challenging and uncomfortable. Divination is another way that the Shamanic practitioner can contact the spirits for support to get answers to your questions and guidance on your decisions.


In the Shamanic worldview, it is believed that when we undergo trauma, parts of our soul can break away to flee and hide. The soul part does this in order to survive the experience and preserve itself. This can be experienced as a loss of our gifts, abilities, skills, and often memories of the trauma and we experience this loss in very real ways. The process of Soul Retrieval restores the use and ownership of that part of ourselves that has separated from us due to a traumatic experience. We acknowledge this in the language we use: "This job is killing my soul," "I was shattered by that accident," etc. I can work with you to seek out and find the lost soul parts and return them to you.


Psychopomp literally means: to help the souls cross over.  Sometimes, souls who are no longer in human bodies get stuck here, where we are, known as ordinary reality.  This can happen when someone dies suddenly with out warning, or simply doesn't understand that they are dead.  A Shaman can help such souls go from where we are, to where they need to go. Together, we can work with the spirit of people who have passed but are still stuck in our reality to help them move on to where they need to go next.


I can work with you to create and conduct highly personalized ceremonies designed to honor a transition, mark a significant occasion or release something you are ready to let go of.

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